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kathi pickett

Co-founder, Heart Tree Institute


Kathi Pickett is an Author, Speaker, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Registered Nurse whose journey began as a young child who had mystical experiences with spirit guides and deceased souls. As a nurse, she received subtle guidance from these invisible beings of light to comfort children, adults, and families.

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Full-time work, children, loss of an unborn child, and financial concerns led to debilitating migraines, vertigo, and depression. Western medicine, family, and friends could not heal her. A realization settled in that she was having a spiritual crisis. Through deep meditation, she found a way to heal and embrace life. It was then, deep inside, she knew that she was shaken awake by a force beyond her physical body.

Experiences from childhood led her to feel safe and adept in the nonphysical realms. She came to believe that she had past lives and that lessons from these lives were accessible. She studied Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and Healing Touch and learned she communicated with living souls as adeptly as deceased souls in the nonphysical realm.

Kathi struggled through depression, grief, loss, shame, and fear to transform and heal. After thousands of healing energy sessions, she knows a soul interacts with the forces of nature, the spirit world, and the universe at large. These invisible allies are accessed through intuition, spirit guides, and an understanding of the energy and mystical laws. Kathi’s mission is to unlock the mysteries and the truths held in the fabric of your being and for you to learn the tools to keep you on track.

Amanda Holhstein

Co-founder, Heart Tree Institute


Through time, determination, study and an abundance of grace Amanda turned a childhood inkling into a full range of intuitive, clairvoyant, and healing skills. For 25 years she has studied the human energy system and cross-species communication.  She is pleased and excited to share her wisdom and experience directly with you through Heart Tree Institute. 

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Some of Amanda’s more formal studies include spending five years with renowned healer and author Robert Pollock, twenty years with James Etsitty jr, a Diné Medicine Man, and eight years in the spiritual mystery school Awakening From Within.

Through two decades of hands-on experience, Amanda feels her clients are her best teachers.  Every personal session creates a unique experience of transformation and healing.  At this point in her career, she has direct experience with thousands of human and animal energy systems.  She is grateful for each and every one of them. 

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