“Ignite your intuitive and energetic nature. Create an Earth experience filled with love.”

Part 1

Awaken the Spirit

Discover your soul’s journey to earth, spirit guides, angels, a vibrational universe, and conscious creation.


Embrace Your

Explore symbolism, archetypes, relationship to divine mother, and personal relationships.

pART 3

Communication Beyond
the Veil.

Experience soul transitions, animal communication, deceased loved ones, and ancestors to heal timelines.


To awaken the divine light within YOU.

Join our community, and we’ll work together to expand your consciousness so that you can heal and live your best life.

“Explore your personal symbolism and mystical experiences to inspire positive action for a sacred journey on Earth. Yes, you have mystical experiences, too.”

Cosmic Miracle

You are a radiant cosmic miracle of light. All is within you.


Create a new story to re-pattern belief systems and let go of the past.

Direct Experience

Experience innovative class content, guided imagery, and sacred conversations.

A Magical Adventure

Explore mystical, magical concepts to expand consciousness and have fun!

Meet our Co-founders

As lifelong students of the physical and nonphysical realms, we bring decades of experience to our work at the Heart Tree Institute. Our goal is to create online experiences and make real time connections. Let us help you develop your intuition and psychic connection. Learn more »

“When you catch yourself in an emotion that’s not serving you, ask yourself, can I allow myself to be 10% happier? Then breathe and tune into the expansion of allowing yourself more joy.”

Amanda Hohlstein

“This Breath Is For Me. A divine light that always was and always will be.”

Kathi Pickett

Begin Your Exploration

Allow us to share our teachings and tools with you. From there, continue your journey and take flight.